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Maarten Schutyser

Wageningen University, Netherlands

Topic: Dry Food Processing for Sustainable Production of High Quality Foods

Development and optimization of concentrated or even dry food processing technologies (such as drying, milling and dry separation) are key in achieving our ambitions with regards to making our food production chain more sustainable. Food industries make often conservative choices, follow traditional wet extraction routes for plant protein purification and increase drying capacities with long-existing, energy-inefficient drying technologies. Given the urgent need to increase the sustainability of our food production, there is an increasing interest to invest into research on dry food processing technologies. The focus of research in my group is on understanding of phenomena that occur at multiple length scales during dry food processing. We identify those and convert these into knowledge-based guidelines. In this way understanding is translated into the optimization of existing and design of new dry food processing strategies that are more efficient and provide desired functionality.



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