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Nikolaj From Petersen

Danish Technological Institute, Denmark

Pilot plant for scaling innovative food processing technologies

Processes for fractionation of biomass in a biorefinery concept needs scaling to proof that the processes are implementable – both practically and economically. Project proposal calls regularly demand a high TRL (technology readiness level) to ensure the generated results is close to the market. Further, the food industry shows an increasing interest in developing novel processing methods to utilize all parts of the raw material, i.e. minimizing waste streams, to produce innovative products and ensure environmental and economic sustainability. In both cases tests on the pilot scale are crucial. However, in many cases, it can be hard to access a suitable setup for such tests.
To meet this demand from research and industry Danish Technological Institute has built up a generic processing plant in pilot scale. The plant is food-grade and consists of a variety of standard industrial equipment for recovery and purification of biological products. Heated and stirred reactor tanks linked to a wet mill is the basis of aqueous extraction and can include enzymatic hydrolysis. Downstream processing unit operations include e.g. centrifugation, membrane filtration, column chromatography and spray drying. The equipment is robust and flexible to ensure the ability to process almost any kind of biomass in the most optimal way.
In our pilot plant, we have assisted various national and international research projects and companies in developing and scaling processes for biomass fractionation to produce new food and non-food products from a variety of feedstocks of both plant, algal and animal origin. An intensive focus has been on protein recovery from residual biomasses. The pilot plant is accessible with its dedicated and experienced staff to assist in the future development of sustainable innovative food products.



Nikolaj From Petersen is an environmental engineer (cand. polyt) from the Technical University of Denmark. He is employed by Danish Technological Institute which is a research and technology institute working within all areas of technological development. He is a specialist in biorefining and process technologies and is Pilot Manager in a pilot plant for biomass fractionation.

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