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Phantipha Charoenthaikij

Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand

Young rice grass powder as the alternative natural food colorant

Color is one of the most important sensorial attributes affected consumers' acceptability and food selection. Naturally-derived food colorants were reported to provide high quality and play a contributive role as health promoters. In this study, the young rice grass powder was produced using a foam-mat drying technique which is a practical method to protect the phytochemical compounds according to its drying efficiency. Egg white powder (EWP; 10% and 15%, w/w) and hydropropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC; 1% and 3%, w/w) were used as the foaming agent. The physicochemical of its foam (density, stability, and overrun) and powder (color profile and antioxidant activity) were investigated. The results indicated that the 10%EWP with 1%HPMC could produce young rice grass powder with good quality of both foam form in terms of foam stability, solubility and powder form in terms of color as well as antioxidant activity. The application of young rice grass powder could demonstrate in various products, for instance, ice cream and beverage as the natural colorant.



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